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Breaking Bad Trivia Night Coming to the Heights + Test Your Knowledge Win a Prize

Are you a serious Breaking Bad fan? Do you say "bitch" after every statement just because? Do you walk around with a black hat calling yourself Heisenberg? Is most of your vocabulary based on quotes from the show? Have you genuinely contemplated what life will be like now that the series is coming to a close?

It's time to put all of the hours you devoted to reading the AV Club's review of the show to good use. This Wednesday, September 25, "Geeks Who Drink" are organizing one night of trivia dedicated to the on-goings of Mr. Walter White. Starting at 7:30 p.m. at Little Woodrows in the Heights, your somewhat comical devotion to the show will finally pay off.

If you are not familiar with the "Geeks Who Drink" moniker it is a national organization that features mixed trivia questions for those of us that like to down cocktails and make wild accusations that we claim to be true. Various GWD trivia nights have popped up around town, and the group has drummed up a significant following. Standard trivia nights incorporate questions about anything and everything, but on occasion they host a one-night only themed night, and this week across the country Breaking Bad fan boys will have their day.

As this is the first ever Breaking Bad trivia night and the series concludes this coming Sunday, the expectation for participation is high. Game play consists of eight rounds of roughly 64 questions. Lone cookers are allowed to play but isn't it more fun when you have a Badger and Skinny Pete along to help out? Teams can be up to six people in total, and the cost is $5 to join in the fun. Winners may not take home a barrel filled with cash, but money prizes are expected.

I chatted with John Smith (real name), who handles the PR for these events, and he explained to me that while you may not have to be a super fan, you probably want one on your team. He gave me a sampling of questions and er... I only knew the answer to two of them and y'all know I love the crap out of this show. Point being, bone up on your Breaking Bad trivia.

Additionally, if you just happen to have a yellow hazmat suit or a pair of Heisenberg shades, costumes are more than encouraged. Past GWD themed-events have featured Game of Thrones and you never saw so many male Khaleesis out and about. If enough people dress up, there may even be some costume judging that may result in prizes or just really enthusiastic high-fives, which are just as good.

To get you jazzed up for the event, I thought I would include a few trivia questions of my own. Write your answers in the comments section and if you are right you win mad props from me. Yes, mad props, and I will tell you that I love you.

Question 1. In what season does the idea of using ricin first occur to Walt?

Question 2. Why was Walt finally suspended permanently from teaching?

Question 3. Hank finds a Los Pollos Hermanos napkin in Gale's belongings and thinks it's odd. Why?

The Geeks who Drink Breaking Bad Trivia Night is Wednesday, September 25 starting at 7:30 p.m. at Little Woodrows. Cost $5. For more information visit their Facebook page.

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