Bridezilla Brittany from Pearland: "I Can Take Over the World"

Picture this: You've successfully auditioned for a reality television show.

Soon, the cameras invade your private life -- in this case, as you prep for your wedding -- and you really can't control how you're going to be portrayed.

Your friends and family, all anxious to see how you look on TV, tune into the first of two episodes.

The plot synopsis reads:

Bridezilla Brittany proves that beauty is sometimes only skin deep. This bride wants her day to be fabulous, and her aptly named alter ego surfaces when she wants to get her way. With her high standards, the ugly side of Brittany appears far too often. But when this 'Zilla points blame at a vendor, tears are shed and an even darker side of Brittany appears. This ruthless Bridezilla feels sympathy for no one, including her closest friends, when she's willing to cut them out of the wedding without any hint of remorse.

You don't flip off the TV or smash something against a wall. If you're Brittany Lewis, a graduate of Spring High School, you're thrilled, even when you feel like you were made out to be batshit crazed.

Appearing on a reality show has been a dream of Lewis's, who makes a living as a teacher. "I've always wanted to be on reality TV and I was getting married," she tells Art Attack by phone. "Bridezillas was doing a casting call, so I just went for it and auditioned."

After her well-received audition, television crews followed Bridezilla Brittany for more than a month as she tried to get ready for her March 24 wedding.

When the episode finally aired last Sunday, Brittany says, "I was very entertained by it. I feel like I was portrayed as a psychopath, but I'm really not that person....my friends and family know that I'm really not that person."

"I'd do it all over again," she adds. "I've always wanted to be on reality TV, so I accomplished a dream of mine. It was fun."

The second of two episodes, scheduled to air at 9 p.m. Central Time Sunday on WE tv, moves closer to Brittany's wedding day.

...and woe to the bridesmaid who dares question Brittany's ceremonial set-up, or the groomsman who hints at a bachelor party complete with strippers! But when all else fails, this bride to be isn't afraid to resort to tears. When her wedding day finally arrives it seems as though all might be forgiven, that is, until Brittany keeps her groom waiting at the altar just a little too long. When he calls to check on her whereabouts, Brittany goes ballistic in the way only a true Bridezilla can.

Ouch? Nope. Brittany, who is still married and living with her teacher husband in the Pearland area, is wanting to show face on more reality TV shows.

"I'm hoping. I wish. I mean, I'm not going to stop here. I feel like now that I've accomplished this, I can take over the world."

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