Bring It On: Now with Behind-the-Scenes Flips on Video

Our intrepid Art Director Monica Fuentes went behind the scene to film the cheerleaders rehearsal for

Bring It On: The Musical


As our reviewer said previously, this is a show filled with flips and dips and all sorts of top rank death-defying feats. And the athletic stars who perform these stunts are doing it all live.

Everyone involved with the show keeps assuring Art Attack that there haven't been any more injuries in this show than in a run-of-the-mill musical with singing and dancing. But as kids shoot other kids eight and ten feet in the air, that's kind of hard to accept.

Based loosely on the movie Bring It On, the show shows what happens when two girls from a more affluent school get transferred into Jackson High, a school with so much attitude that it hasn't even had a cheerleading squad in years.

The Theatre Under the Stars production of Jeff Whitty's (Avenue Q) latest effort seems destined for Broadway if everyone can just stay in shape and keep hitting those marks.

Theatre Under the Stars' production of Bring It On: The Musical runs January 24 through February 5 at the Hobby Center, 800 Bagby. For ticket information call 713-558-8887 or go to www.tuts.com

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