Broadway Does the Movies: 10 Awful Movies Turned Musicals

Just when you thought Spiderman: Turn off the Dark may have burned out every bulb in Broadway, Art Attack has learned of an upcoming musical based on a very unlikely source, A Clockwork Orange. Apparently, the Clockwork musical isn't even a new thing. Back in 1990, a musical version of the twisted tale was produced to terrible reviews. The book's author, Anthony Burgess, had written his own score for the play but was snubbed, and instead the winning team of Bono and The Edge composed the music. Even in their heyday, U2 shouldn't have been composing for the stage.

More than that, Clockwork will is be revived next year in the UK. If you have never read the book, surely you have seen the Stanley Kubrick film, which boasts the infamous scene of Malcolm McDowell raping a woman while joyfully belting out "Singin' in the Rain." It's a wonderfully disturbing film; as a musical, though, it might be just be a little ridiculous.

Theater in general has been known to push boundaries and bring new ideas to light, but the musical... now that's a different story of rehashing disappointment. Broadway's latest trend of taking Hollywood blockbusters and turning them into big budget musicals is one of its worst crazes since the rock opera. Has musical theater completely run out of ideas?

The list of unnecessary movies-that-became-musicals is rather lengthy; some are much scarier than Clockwork (Legally Blonde, anyone?). Here are our top 10.

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Abby Koenig
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