Brony-Con? Top Five Weirdest Conventions

This past weekend, Houston hosted its annual ApolloCon, a science fiction, fantasy and horror conference, now in its 10th year. That's right for ten years Houston has been hosting a conference that focuses solely on all things associated with the other fiction genre that is not romance. Who knew such a conference existed? The Houston Science Fiction Association, whose mission is to promote and support sci-fi and fantasy all across the greater Houston area, hosts the "con," which promised LARPing, fan-fiction and an artists' alley.

ApolloCon is just the icing on the con cake. This coming weekend Houston will host its very own Fiesta Equestria, AKA Brony-con. Yes, there is even a My Little Pony conference complete with guest speakers and cosplay. Good lord.

Is it just me, or is the term blahblah"con" getting out of control? How many cons do we need? Comic-Con, which occurs the third weekend of July in San Diego, has blown up into levels of absurdity and it has caused con-craziness! There are so many random conferences out there it makes you wonder how do they find enough people interested in these things to pay their exorbitant fees?

Here are the top 5 weirdest "Cons" out there.

5. Mer-Con

Since mermaids are real creatures, it makes perfect sense to have a convention to celebrate their majesty, and what better place to celebrate things that are real than lovely Las Vegas? Wait, no, mermaids aren't real, rather this convention is about ladies shuffling around awkwardly in fin costumes and shell bras. Or they are just normal looking women casually walking through the casino praying that Eugene Levy doesn't jump out and spray salt water all over their human form.

4. Anthrocon

Anthrocon is a celebration of the anthromorphic or "humanized animals," according to their website. I read the entire thing and remain confused. It appears to be a gathering of people who enjoy dressing up as animals or work in a field in which human-like animals are pivotal to getting business done, like a theme park maybe, or one of those guys who comes to kids parties and scares children when they accidentally take their animal heads off. The anthrocon website makes sure to let you know that "A significant percentage (of furry fans) have college diplomas and many of those hold advanced degrees." Just in case you were worried about it being a room of high school dropouts wearing bear outfits.

3. Conspiracy Con This is the most boring ad for a convention ever. Or does it just want us to think it's boring?

Sadly, this convention happened in June and the NSA leaks hadn't been put out there yet, so that government conspiracy will have to wait until next year's convention. But there will always be 9-11 to talk about and of course, JFK.

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Abby Koenig
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