Brony-Con? Top Five Weirdest Conventions

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2. Depeche Mode Convention

I am a Personal Jesus fan as much as the next '80s kid, but do we need an entire convention for a band whose biggest hit was almost 20 years ago? One questions, do people dress up like Dave Gahan?

1. Blobfest Every year the good people of Phoenixville, PA celebrate the 1958 horror movie The Blob, which starred the illustrious Steve McQueen. There are reenactments of the movie, a parade and a screening of the movie, natch. What's odder than this entire ordeal is the fact that it's been going on for 14 years! For 14 years a crowd of people get together to watch a recreation of The Blob. As perplexing as it sounds, it also seems pretty freaking awesome.

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