Brush Up On Your Bill Cosby Before This Weekend's Arena Theatre Gig

It's hard to believe that legendary comedian and public speaker Bill Cosby is 75. It's even harder to believe that The Cosby Show has been off the air since 1992.

This Sunday night Dr. Cosby plays the Arena Theatre.

Tickets are still on sale too, and the venue is small enough to make for a fun and intimate show.

Maybe he will bring along Mortimer Icobod Marker for old times sake.

Lurking around on YouTube you can find a great deal of his work, tons of talk-show appearances, and some crazy German-dubbed episodes of The Cosby Show.

Can't get enough Cosby, Instant Cosby has literally thousands of GIFs of the man fluttering his eyes, smiling, or grimacing. Consider your day over.

Cosby's calm, fatherly sarcasm doesn't translate well to the German tongue, but it is good for a laugh or three.

The older he gets the more outspoken he has also gotten on social issues too, which doesn't always rub longtime fans the right way, but that's what makes him so fun. You don't expect the Jell-O dude to drop bombs about race and class warfare at this age.

Bill Cosby: Himself

Chocka cake!

Bill Cosby: 49

Bill Cosby - On Prejudice, 1971

Very early Bill Cosby

Die Bill Cosby Show


Picture Pages, Picture Pages, Time to get your Picture Pages, Time to get your crayons and your pencils..."

"You can play with Picture Pages, FIll your day with Picture Pages, 'Till Bill Cosby does another Picture Page with you!"

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