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Buyer's Guide to Steampunk Christmas Ornaments

If you're like me you've waited till the last minute to put up the tree, but in case you were thinking about having a very steampunk yule then there are plenty of ornaments to help take your tree in a more gentlemanly direction.

Let's start off with the headman himself. Lynn Reno over at Desert Rubble does some amazing polymer ornaments, including this one of St. Nick decked out in goggles to keep his sight free when flying through the air on Christmas Eve. Her biomechanical fish and orchid pendants are also first-rate.

Lala Dangerous grew up getting a special ornament from her mother every year. Now she passes that tradition along with her custom, one-of-a-kind ornaments for sale. This selection suffers a bit from the "glue some gears on it" syndrome, but we're talking tree ornaments here. They don't need to be functional.

For the more high-end work, you want to visit EKCreations. This star has laser cut gears and a nonfunctioning clock face to really drive home the craftsmanship. The Swarovski Crystals it is accented with cause it to twinkle in the lights to boot!

Mike Savad of Suburban Scenes crafted this incredibly beautiful ornament he calls Infinite Time. It mixes clock imagery with an Escher-like spiral to create a Wellsian image of time in flux. He also sells posters of the image.

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This is a nice trio of ornaments from Friston Ho'okano, a floral designer by trade. He laser cuts his wooden façade ornaments, then hand paints them to make a nice still subject of various steampunk imagery. Check out his amazing rings and goggle sets while you're there.

Tracy Alden at Art Resurrected isn't selling these amazing little airship ornaments, but she is more than willing to teach you how to make one! It looks like I would take a deft hand with models to make it happen, but the beauty of the finished product speaks for itself. Plus, what steampunk Christmas tree wouldn't have an airship ornament?

Jen at Epbots put together a handy guide to all kinds of things you can do with your Christmas tree to make it steampunk, but it's the electric light at the top that I like the best. All the materials are easily available from Lowes and the Dollar Store, so there's no excuse not to give it a shot.

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