Buyer's Guide to Steampunk Nintendo Accessories

Some people think steampunk is already an overblown, tired genre. Such folk will be the first ones rounded up and infused with clockwork since they are already dead inside and can be put to use manning the sails on the airship. It's still a garishly fun bit of pop style, and today we explore how it has affected the world of video games.

This steampunk Game Boy comes from chip musician and designer Kyle Robinson, better known as Thretris. All of his music is composed using a Game Boy, so you know you're in good hands as far as someone who knows the system's inner workings goes. This modification is handcrafted and fully functional, and he's hinted before it may be available for the right price. Regardless, check out his music if nothing else.

Joseph Drust strives for a more artistic style than the typical, glue-on-gears school of steampunk design. Here we see his custom USB-powered NES, which sports a bronze automaton with an actual working screen for a face so that you need not even plug a TV into the contraption. Perfect for giving your work desk the acme of style and play.

That, my friends, is the only steampunk accessory on this list that might actually be illegal to own. Coming to us from Steampunk10, this DS retooling is made from actual Cuban cigar boxes complete with authentic Republique De Cube certification sticker. Open it up and you'll find a Mother of Pearl d-pad and stainless steel buttons, with a stylus made of bone a planned accessory. When a gentleman needs to game on the go, accept no substitutes.

Evinfire over at Instructibles is someone I've run across before when I was looking for a laser pistol for a totally not supervillain plot. Here is his NES console mod complete with amazing looking wireless controllers. Weirdly, it seems to sport the same paint job as the golden Legend of Zelda cartridges, which makes me think someone really needs to do a steampunk Adventure of Link.

So far Joe D.'s idea for a wood veneer Wiimote is just in the theory stage, but you have to admit that it gives the system a certain Atari-era verve that skews into steampunk as well. Whether he'd use stickers (boo) or actual wood veneer (awesome) is still up in the air. Of course, you'd need a steampunk Wii to go with it...

Sadly, this one isn't even a concept...just a fun bit of Photoshop done by the same people that bring us Cubecraft. (Make sure you enter the Konami Code while on the site!) Still, it wouldn't take all that much to make happen. The simple elegance of it is maybe the best steampunk has to offer.

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