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Bye-Bye Barney's CO-OP (Entire Store On Sale!)

ArtAttack swears, as Marc Jacobs is our witness, that we wound up in Neiman Marcus on the first day of Last Call by accident. We had to go to the Apple store to pick up a laptop, and we favor the Neiman's parking lot, okay? Is that so wrong?

For anyone who likes to pay slightly-less-astronomical-than-normal prices for shoes, dresses and handbags, this is your big chance. In Houston's version of the Paris soldes, both Neiman's and Tootsie's are kicking off their biggest sales of the year today, and ArtAttack was happy to scope them out on your behalf.

Adding to the bargain-hunting fun is the leaving-Houston sale at Barney's CO-OP. The store's departure is a fashion loss for Houston, and especially irritating since they recently added a store in Austin (click for thoughts on the closing from a former Houston CO-OP employee). This is definitely adding insult to injury--we're still ticked about losing the "big" Barney's that once occupied the Chanel slot next to Neiman's, oh, about 12 years or so ago. Fashion grudges can be powerful.

But the good news? Really cheap Marc Jacobs!

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