Celebrate Mother's Day With the Worst TV Moms

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We grew up with them, respected them and learned valuable lessons from them that were generally accompanied by cheesy, soft rock music. They are our second moms; the ones on television. Some television moms you wished were your own. When June Cleaver cleaned up the Beav's room, we wished she were cleaning up ours. When Claire Huxtable defended daughter Sandra in court, we wished we had a lawyer mom during our whole "jail" phase.

Then, of course, there are the TV moms that make you cringe to watch. They are awful, mean people, abusing their fictional children at every chance they get. There are those television matriarchs that prompt you to pick up the phone to call your own mom just to say, "Thank you! I love you! Please don't ever try and poison me!"

With Mother's Day around the corner, Art Attack examines some of the worst moms in television.

Livia Soprano - The Sopranos

What a horrible mother this woman was! When Tony suggested she be put into a home because she could no longer care for herself, she tried to have him wacked by his own uncle. Tony Soprano spent the entirety of the show's 8 years crying to a shrink about his mommy-issues.

Peggy Bundy - Married With Children

Peggy Bundy wasn't necessarily a nasty mother, just a neglectful one. She was much more concerned with Oprah and Bon Bons than her daughter's chastity or her son's... well, really anything about her son.

Here's a quintessential Peg Bundy quote: Marcy: Peggy, I need to ask you something. Have you ever done something that you didn't remember the next day? Peggy: Well, having the kids. Marcy: No, I mean have you ever done something that you really regretted? Peggy: Having the kids.

Felice Martin - Beverly Hills, 90210

Donna Martin's mom made her miserable for years. She was a holier-than-though, racist, anti-Semitic, preachy hypocrite. The woman made her daughter live in celibate, Catholic guilt while she went around cheating on her spouse. Felice Martin seemed to hate any and every guy Donna dated, so much as to unsuccessfully pay Donna's beau du jour to get out of the picture, TWICE! But probably the worst thing Donna's mom ever did was let her walk around in some of those outfits.

Morticia Addams - The Addam's Family

Morticia never meant her kids any harm, but her love for them was very misguided. Take the episode where she sends Puglsey to a psychiatrist for being too "normal." All the kid wants is to be in the Scouts and have a puppy to play with, and mommy Morticia thinks he's lost it! If there were ever two children who you would assume would become serial killers because of their mother's crazed behavior it would be Pugsley and Wednesday Addams.

Lois Griffin - The Family Guy

You may be questioning this one. Aside from killing her baby, Lois Griffin is a loving and caring mother to her children. Strike that, she loves Chris and tolerates Stewie. Her daughter Meg, though, she's just not that into. How many times can a mother call her daughter out on being ugly, never having a boyfriend and being a total loser without it causing some permanent damage? As funny as it is to see Meg constantly dumped on, occasionally you feel sort of bad for her.

Phyllis Summers - The Young and the Restless

Let's face it, most soap opera moms are pretty lousy, but Phyllis Summers takes the cake. Even while pregnant she was a horrible parent, drugging rockster Danny Romalotti and pretending the baby was his. Then, after Danny found out the kid was not biologically his own, he fought and won custody! It probably didn't help that Phyllis slept with half the people involved in the trial. Bad, bad mother.

Lucille Bluth - Arrested Development

Lucille Bluth is one of the worst mother's alive. She is a selfish, crazy alcoholic who has driven her family fortune into the ground. There was also that time that she signed her son Buster up for the Army on a dare. She calls her daughter Lindsey out on every calorie she intakes and is quoted with saying, "I never liked Gob" about her eldest son. No wonder her kids all hate her and her husband would rather be in jail. Admittedly, she is amazing to watch in action.

Fran Fine - The Nanny

I do not advise watching this video in its entirety; it will kill you.

Technically, Fran Fine was the nanny and not the mother of the Sheffield crew, however, she was tasked with being their maternal figure and eventually marries their dad. So, was she a bad mother-figure? Yes. Just on her voice alone, she would drive any kid to drink (or smoke, as she actually did in one episode).

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