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Celebrate Mother's Day With the Worst TV Moms

We grew up with them, respected them and learned valuable lessons from them that were generally accompanied by cheesy, soft rock music. They are our second moms; the ones on television. Some television moms you wished were your own. When June Cleaver cleaned up the Beav's room, we wished she were cleaning up ours. When Claire Huxtable defended daughter Sandra in court, we wished we had a lawyer mom during our whole "jail" phase.

Then, of course, there are the TV moms that make you cringe to watch. They are awful, mean people, abusing their fictional children at every chance they get. There are those television matriarchs that prompt you to pick up the phone to call your own mom just to say, "Thank you! I love you! Please don't ever try and poison me!"

With Mother's Day around the corner, Art Attack examines some of the worst moms in television.

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Abby Koenig
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