Celebrate Retro This Weekend with Second Annual Vintage Houston

Vintage lovers rejoice. On Saturday, September 24, the historic Heights Fire Station will be transformed into a vintage oasis, celebrating the styles, music, designs and cultures of days gone by. Whether rockabilly or mod, pin-up or '70s bohemian, flapper or '60s chic, veteran vintage collector or inquisitive beginner, this event offers a one-stop shop for every curiosity.

Visitors can revel in the modern retro movement with a day of shopping, beauty demonstrations, performances and giveaways at Houston Vintage 2011. Event coordinators Dawn Bell of Coronation Vintage and Maria Martinez and Diana Candida of Beatniks have brought together the best in vintage apparel and accessories from an assortment of retailers including Height of Vintage, Hello-Lucky, Maefair Vintage, Lady Lux Vintage, My Flaming Heart, Replay on 19th, Retropolis, Ruby in the Dust, Sig's Lagoon, The Vintage Contessa, The Way We Wore and many more.

Martinez told us the main difference between Vintage Houston 2011 and last year's inaugural event is the retro day market, featuring over 25 vintage vendors. Dressing rooms will be set up for shoppers to try on clothing and on-site alterations will be available for little nips and tucks.

When asked if she ever has a hard time parting with some of her vintage finds and putting them up for sale in the shop, Martinez told us, "Absolutely!" adding, "Every once in a while, we'll keep one little thing. We populate the shop with the most unique and coolest things we find because we want to project what we love. We want to share it with our customers, friends and anyone who comes into the shop."

Martinez says she's mostly drawn to '50s fashions. "The '50s were very flattering, very classic and chic", she said. "The cut and style, hats and gloves...I liked that people would dress up. It gave you self-respect and others saw that. Great care was put into an outfit. But I also love the '70s -- very long, lean and airy"

If you're interested in vintage collecting and don't quite know how to begin, she advises to just start with one piece. "If you find something at an estate or garage sale or Houston Vintage...say you find one amazing can create an outfit around that belt," she says. "When people see vintage on others, it inspires them. People may feel like they can't pull off certain vintage or they're apprehensive, but start small. If you pair a vintage piece with something modern, it's a nice way of bringing things together."

Nowhere else in Houston can you find the perfect vintage floral dress à la Betty Draper, get pro tips on how to apply makeup like a pin-up goddess and learn how to perfect your beehive all in one place.

Market hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Burlesque troupe Dem Damn Dames will perform from 9:15-10 p.m. followed by a vintage fashion show and a BYOB after-party until 1 a.m.

Tickets for the market only are on sale for $5, and all-inclusive tickets for the market and after-party are $20. You can get tickets here. Feel good about your purchase: A portion of the ticket sales will be donated to the 11 1/2 Street Foundation, a charity that gives scholarships to students at Davis and Reagan High Schools who want to attend college but need financial assistance.

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Ginny Braud
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