Celebrity Siblings Who Got the Shaft

This weekend, comedian and Dave Chapelle pal Charlie Murphy will be performing at the Improv. If you've seen Charlie on Chapelle's Show, you know of his brilliant re-tellings of "True Hollywood Stories." The slow rhythm of his comedy is the antithesis to his brother Eddie's hectic-paced banter. Yes, Charlie and Eddie Murphy are both brothers and both comedians.

Thinking about the Murphy brothers got us thinking about siblings who share career goals, but one of them totally dominates the field. How do their parents handle it? It's like one kid bringing home his volcano diorama from school, when the other one just found the cure for cancer.

There are so many siblings out there that have chosen similar vocations, yet one of them is forced to live in the shadow of the other. Art Attack explores siblings who got the shaft.

Jeff & Beau Bridges Beau Bridges had a budding career at one time. He was excellent as the non-understanding husband to Academy Award winner Sally Field's "Norma Rae." What happened here? Beau has spent the past two decades living in the shadow of his "Dude" brother who has won critical acclaim, multiple nominations, awards and, last year, an Oscar. Can you blame the guy for taking parts in movies like "Free Willy 4" and "" (actual movie title)

Beyonce and Solange Knowles

Don't feel bad, Solange, you're musical livelihood may never reach the heights of your larger-than-life sister even if she lets you open for all of her shows. But don't get upset about it, that's just life. And a reporter asking you about your sister's husband (Jay-Z) getting angry and yelling, it just makes it all worse.

Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen

At one time, a time not very long ago, I would have said, "Wow, I feel bad for Emilio Estevez, what with his brother being such a huge celebrity and all." Emilio was supposed to be the star; think "Young Guns," "The Breakfast Club," "St. Elmo's Fire," but Charlie surpassed him through television fame. Now, however, I may think that Emilio is actually the winning one of the two.

Laura and Lisa Ling

Anyone other than me think that Laura Ling may have gotten herself "accidentally" kidnapped in North Korean to steal the spotlight from her The View/Oprah flaunting big sis? No one? Too soon?

The Brontë Sisters It's difficult to distinguish which is a more renowned novel Wuthering Heights by Emily or Jane Eyre by Charlotte. Both were groundbreaking works for their time and introduced the feminine voice when women writers were forced to author under male pseudonyms. Now, imagine you are Anne Brontë. Who? You know Anne! She wrote Agnes Grey? Who? Yes, exactly.

The Jacksons

All the Jackson siblings must have had a tough time living in the shadow of their most famous brother. All of them have tried their hands at a career in music, not all that successfully. Janet broke out and has become famous in her own right, leaving the various other Jacksons to live in obscurity relative to their superstar siblings.

Here is a Jackson breakdown based on most famous to least famous: 1. Michael 2. Janet 3. La Toya 4. Jermaine 5. Tito 6. Marlon 7. Jackie 8. Randy (different Randy Jackson) 9. Rebbie (did you even know there was a Rebbie?)

Eli and Peyton Manning

This one is tough. Whose dark cloud is covering whose? Peyton Manning has won four MVPs, the 2006 Superbowl and a 2008 Superbowl appearance, while little bro Eli has only had the one ring-win in 2007. According to various "who's hotter" websites, there is no competition. So for this one, we will throw out all athletic ability and performance and just go specifically on superficially-rated hotness - Peyton.

Zan and Jayna Wonder Twin

This sibling rivalry may not as much be the case of who's more famous, but who got the shaft when superpowers were being handed down. Upon touching and shouting out their secret password (Wonder Twin powers activate!) Zan, the "manlier" one of the two, becomes any state of water he wants - solid, liquid gas. Sister Jayna's superpower is that of a shape-shifter, the ability to become any animal form she wants, be it mythical or even from another planet. So you tell us, which sibling got the short end of the stick?

"Form of... Water!" OR "Form of...DragonUnicornAlienTigerMoose!"

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