Champagne Wishes & Caviar Dreams: The Best & Weirdest Profiles from Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Premiering in syndication in 1984, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous was one of the most popular shows of the decadent '80s, showcasing the spoils of being successful and/or born filthy stinking rich.

The very voice of host Robin Leach became synonymous with excess and guilded banisters, and his tagline wishing everyone "champagne wishes and caviar dreams" alternately irritated and motivated most of the viewing public. People would daydream of hearing narrator David Greenspan describe their imaginary houses.

Of course sometimes the LOTR&F team would make more peculiar visits during the show's run and see things that still boggle the mind. Who knew that David Lee Roth's dad lived in a mansion and wrote novels?

These days you can see Leach appearing on Fox News railing on Comrade Obama for his socialist ways.

Macho Man Randy Savage

OH YEAH! This is real and awesome. He gave champagne to his dog!

"Weird Al" Yankovic

In 1988, the prince of parody lived a fantastic life full of Twinkies, dinners at Spago and a closet full of loud Hawaiian shirts. "LA spelled backward is AL!"

Roy Orbison

What the hell, was this thing filmed with Instagram? Or inside a cataract? By an actual blind person?

Randy Miller, Owner of Original New York Seltzer

Don't be fooled by the pet Bengal tiger and blue jeans, and he's no pussycat when it comes to thrills.


Why wasn't the show just canceled after this episode aired? It's the television equivalent of slamming the microphone down on the stage and storming off. It's too amazing. Getting Liberace on this show is the equivalent of beating the last boss on Super Mario Bros.

John Waters

Bad taste and groundbreaking filmmaking helped Waters buy this Baltimore home, complete with a secretary, plenty of books, records and movie posters. How repellent!

Conway Twitty

Country music's most notorious whoremonger, the late Twitty was known for salaciously creepy lyrics like "Touch the hand, love the man, that made you a woman. Then tell me you don't love me anymore," and he also lived on one hell of a spread.

Mr. Perfect

Wrestler Curt Henning was riding high in this rare clip, boasting white teeth and blond hair, like an Aryan wet dream. Then he gets all cutesy when he talks about home and its game room, like a little girl. You almost expect this to be a John C. Reilly sketch.

David Lee Roth's Dad

Derangement and sleaziness didn't seem to run in the family, as you can tell from Mr. Roth's LOTR&F segment.

Marie Osmond

That's cool that (yawns) she bought all that with money from singing that one song with her brother. Check out that killer perm (yawns). Man, this segment is like a sleeping piiii.....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

New Kids on the Block

Those houses were bought with the tears of preteen girls. (High Five!)

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