Charlie Sheen's Ex-Goddess Bree Olson on Feature Dancing, Eating Vegan and Going Mainstream

Most porn-loving folks have known who Bree Olson is since at least November 2006, when the then premed student took the giant leap into the world of adult films. Earlier this year, as Charlie Sheen went nuclear and began a deranged media campaign on sanity, Olson was one of the two women, the "goddesses" in his life, living with him in his mansion and appearing with him on television and anywhere a camera was present.

The Houston-born, Indiana-raised Olson, whose real name is Rachel Marie Oberlin, hasn't retired from porn as much as she is taking a break to work on mainstream films, books and other ventures. During her career she appeared in over 160 films and was nominated for numerous Adult Video News awards, including a win for Best New Starlet. The March 2008 Penthouse Pet is also all over YouTube, including a naked Tosh.0 clip with Dave Attell, and various behind-the-scenes videos, some not so safe for work.

Olson's Twitter account was once one of the most NSFW destinations on the microblogging Web site. Even still, she was sweet and endearing and didn't at all seem like someone who was taking advantage of her newfound fame while she was with Sheen. She was just a typical, sometimes incredibly horny, 24-year-old woman.

Olson recently became a vegan, and she promotes the lifestyle on her Twitter feed. PETA named her a "Lettuce Lady" back in March for her vegan work and animal rights views, and well, being an attractive young woman. Actress Elizabeth Berkley is supposedly the first "Lettuce Lady."

She appeared on the cover of this past August's Playboy, and was interviewed extensively about her Sheen experiences, and appeared very naked in the issue. She has chosen to remain relatively positive about her experiences and relationship with Sheen, though.

Sheen's Comedy Central Roast aired Monday on the cable comedy network as counter-programming to the season premiere/reboot of his old show Two and a Half Men, and it is now the highest-rated CC roast ever, overtaking the previous leader, the roast of Jeff Foxworthy.

This week, starting on Thursday night, Olson will be featured dancing at The Penthouse Club here in Houston, and meeting and greeting fans during the evening. We talked to Olson via e-mail about going vegan, stripping etiquette, the future and good ol' Southern hospitality.

Art Attack: I understand by following your Twitter feed that you are very much into the vegan cause. What are some tips for folks looking to go full vegan?

Bree Olson: Let me start by saying I never intended to go vegan. I loved homemade mac and cheese, fried chicken, meat lovers pizza, pulled pork sandwiches, you name it, I ate it. I started to get fat as most people do on that type of diet, so I looked for a diet book. The one I found is Skinny Bitch, and there is also a male version, Skinny Bastard. I lost 40 pounds in the first two months without even exercise. The books are a must-have for someone that really wants to change the way they look and feel.

AA: What is your favorite vegan dish?

BO: My favorite vegan dish is a BBQ "chicken" sandwich from a restaurant in my hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana, called Loving Cafe.

AA: You feature dance all over the country. What city has the most voracious fans, where guys are the most generous?

BO: I mostly dance on the East Coast, but I am available anywhere so long as they contact the number on my Twitter. East Coasters are very generous, but I heard this Southern hospitality is unbeatable, not to mention I've always wanted to date a Southern gentleman. We'll see how it goes. Houston is an amazing city. I'm very excited to come visit again.

AA: Any horror stories?

BO: I don't have any horror stories. The patrons are very nice and so am I.  I am very in tune with the patrons that come see me dance. 

AA: Most female dancers love dancing for other girls, and some prefer just men. What is your preference? Which is more fun? BO: I love dancing and interacting on stage with everyone, but however, girls get "special treatment" when I pull them on stage. I save the good stuff for the guys when we do private dances. The couples are great in private rooms as well. 

AA: What songs make you feel the sexiest onstage? (Please say the Rolling Stones...)

BO: Well then, since I aim to please, the Rolling Stones make me feel sexiest on stage.

AA: You started in the porn industry at a relatively young age. What tips do you have for girls (and guys) who may want to give it a shot?

BO: For anyone that wants to get into the industry, I suggest not to do it. Most people aren't very open-minded and it will just make your life more difficult. Especially when it comes time to find a partner you want to spend the rest of your life with.

AA: What can we expect from Bree Olson in the future? More mainstream acting? A vegan cookbook?

BO: Yes, you will definitely see me in more mainstream entertainment. I am working very hard, seizing as many opportunities as I can when it comes to legitimate mainstream. As for books, yes, I plan to have a cookbook and also a biography soon as well. No ghostwriting either. I'm going to pour the truth in my heart onto the pages and I think the readers will be very receptive.

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