Charlie Sheen's "Violent Torpedo Of Truth Tour" Hits Houston Tonight: Why Are We Going?

The situation all seemed so innocent just a few months ago. The embattled star of Platoon, Major League, Wall Street and TV's Two & A Half Men was having a very public meltdown. There was the fight with Capri Anderson in New York last October, the lost weekend with various porn stars during this year's Adult Video News Awards in Las Vegas, and the standard drug and rehab.

No one was to know that by late February and early March that Charlie Sheen was to become the most volatile, quotable celebrity in recent history.

He had the bravado, the girls, the media in his sweaty grip, and a vocabulary seemingly written by a team of Hollywood writers in a locked office full of cocaine, caffeine, and hubris.

Here at the Houston Press, we all jumped on the Sheen Train, exploring most every facet to his ordeal. His cavalcade of porn stars, imaginary reality shows, musical playlists, his drug use, his effects on social media, and even his supposed plans for Lent. We weren't alone, with most every news outlet in the western world grabbing a piece of Sheen. You all wanted to read about him, and he was worth a chuckle or two.

Then Sheen joined Twitter and was gaining followers at a rate that rivaled the mounting national debt, tweeting to his followers the inside dope (pun intended) on what life was really like when you were winning with porn starlet Bree Olson in your lap and every talk show blowing up your PR team's phone line to get a piece of you.

Ms. Olson has since taken her leave of Sheen, dumping him to go back to the porno life. We can't say we blame her either.

By mid-March a national tour was planned and announced, the "Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour." On the outset it looked like a great idea, but as the tour began to bomb, and even Sheen himself seemed to get bored with himself nightly, the attraction wore off as the country's social media cabal moved on to other flights of fancy.

So tonight, Sheen hits Houston's Verizon Wireless Theater on the "Truth" tour, and it's not the massive event it would have been in March. We can't find many people who have bought a ticket, and most folks see it as a sick carnie act. But we will be there anyway, hoping for some sort of redemption. Not our own, but maybe Sheen's.

Plus, we kind of want to buy a T-shirt if they have any.

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Craig Hlavaty
Contact: Craig Hlavaty