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Check Out This Boey Styrofoam Cup Art

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Boey is an exceptionally talented artist, and a lot of the time, the art that he makes is portrayed on Styrofoam cups. Art Attack asked him a little more about it.

Art Attack: Why Styrofoam as a medium? Is it because you're just so in love with Houston rap culture (big fans of the Styrofoam cup)?

Boey: I find drawing on Styrofoam cups as a challenge. Maybe I was listening to Houston rap at Starbucks while I was drawing, but I wasn't drawing because of a love for Houston rap. The type of music I like is Beck, Blur, xx, GN'R and Ghostland Observatory.

AA: More on that: The presence of the Styrofoam cup has risen greatly within rap these past few years. Have you ever considered maybe doing some rap- themed ones?

Boey: Perhaps. I have done a cup with a Daft Punk theme, so anything's possible.

AAR: On average, how long does it take to finish a cup?

B: Sometimes it can take a few weeks, others can take a few months. It all depends on how much detail I put into it

AA: How often do you get 90 percent of the way through and then screw something up? And how quickly after that do you start cussing and throwing shit?

B: It happens ALL THE TIME. I have many "mistake" cups where I have screwed up while drawing. It's very frustrating when you're 90 percent done and one stroke on one line screws it all up.

AA: Are there other folks out there doing anything like this?

B: I have seen some people doing similar works. I am aware of a teacher in Denmark asking her students to draw on cups because she saw my work.

AA: Do you have an all-time favorite design. I thought that Fedor one was tough as nails, but also that one with all the little guys chasing the balloon, but also the one with the kid looking at the dead bird, but also [x 1000].

B: All the cups that I'm not willing to sell are either my favorites or the ones that are most covered by mags that I travel with. i do like the Fedor cup, but it was probably one of the hardest to do, which is why I love it.

AA: If people want to buy a cup (or your book), where can they go?

B: It's all on iamboey.com. You can see my day-to-day blog as well as how to buy my cups and my book.

Go to Boey's site. Peruse. Buy things. He really has some remarkable things going on.

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