Chomping Down on Shark Week: The Most Awesome (Awful?) Pieces of Shark Art

Shark Week, the week in which we can watch cute, tiny things getting mauled by larger, decidedly not-cute things under the excuse "it's educational," is finally here, and last night I spent three hours planted on the couch watching great whites chomp on sea lions in slow motion to learn two things: Shark attacks on humans only happen where people are (really!) and tiger sharks will eat literally anything.

In anticipation of our favorite week in infotainment, we published a post last week featuring some of the most iconic, striking and beautiful sharks in art. This week, we combed the Internet for the lamest, least fearsome, least thought-provoking images of sharks. Scroll through for some of the best/worst shark fan art we could find, from statues to street art to skin art.


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