Christmas Ornaments Out of Everyday Household Items: DIY For Sure

As any adult knows, it takes quite a few years to amass a good amount of Christmas ornaments, and if you are newly out on your own, this may come as news to you. That first Christmas after leaving mom and pop's pad is something of a shock. Christmas ornaments are not cheap. And not only are they not cheap, but you need a lot of them to fill a good-sized tree. Sure, the Dollar Store is always there for you, but their ornaments are crap and when you have to buy 30 of them, it adds up.

No worries. There are plenty of random items you have lying around the house that you can use to trim the tree. You just have to get creative.


I'm sure you've got some old, nasty loofas lying around. If they just so happen to be red or white, well then, all the better.


Admit it: The only spice you ever use is salt and maybe the occasional pepper. Why do you even own a spice rack? Oh, that's right, because you put it on your wedding registry and someone actually bought it for you. Put those spices to some use and hang them on your tree.


It's embarrassing that you still even own CDs let alone play them on that weird contraption that is collecting dust in your closet. CDs make great ornaments, and they are so shiny! Random Condiments

Look in your fridge right now. How much of it is filled with food and how much of your fridge contains half-empty bottles of condiments that you have collected throughout the year? If your answer is over 15 percent condiment, hang some on your tree. Plus, how much easier will your life be not having to get up during the big game to get the ketchup for your hot dog?

Newspaper Snowflakes

Naturally you have stacks and stacks of old Houston Presses lying around your apartment waiting to be recycled. Decycle them by cutting them into pretty snowflakes. Do this while drinking beer and watching Scrooged. Send us pictures of this. Keychain Scanner Things

For some unknown reason, every store and their mom's store now gives out keychain scanner tags that allow you to "save money" or "get coupons." I literally have 15 of these on my keyring and for most of them, I have no idea what their purpose is (I'm talking to you, Specs). Your keyring is a mess anyway; use this as an opportunity to clean it up, and admit to yourself that you are never going to the gym anymore so it's about time you take your gym membership tag off of your keys.


It's a banana tree! But no, like, it's a tree with bananas on it.

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