Christopher Titus

Comedian Christopher Titus is tired of bad comedy. “I see people doing what they call comedy these days and I want to say, ‘Stop doing that. That’s never gonna get you a TV show.’ Everyone thinks they’re being edgy talking about their penis or about anal sex. I’m like, ‘Redd Foxx did that in ’61. What are you doing?’”

With six comedy specials to his credit — each built around new material — Titus has plenty of material to fall back on. “I don’t want to do that,” he says. “I know comics who do the same act for 15 years. You’ll be in the club and the waitresses are mouthing the act. It’s never a good thing when the waitresses know all your jokes.”

In his new act currently on tour, Titus talks about gun control: “The government can never come and take your guns because…you have guns.” Health scares are also a topic of discussion: “I’m convinced somebody’s decided there are too many people in the world and Ebola is their form of population control.”

And he talks about his kids. “I’m really focused on my kids right now. I have a ten-year-old and a 13-year-old. One of them has hormones pounding through them, and the other one is a raging idiot. Their mom damages them one week, and I damage them the next week. Really, all I’m doing right now is getting my kids ready for therapy.

“They have a stepmom, and she’s totally different from their mother. Their mom is 5’2”; my new wife is 5’11”. Their stepmom is a model — she’s been in Vanity Fair — and their mom…has not. There’s this super-villain, their mom, who hates everything that their stepmom does. I’m basically in a constant struggle between good and evil, fighting for my children’s souls. That’s pretty much how parenting is working out for me. I’m finding the funny in that right now.”

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