Christopher Walken and Richard Belzer Appear On The Alex Jones Show For Some Reason

Who knew that actors Christopher Walken and Richard Belzer were fans of Austin radio screamer Alex Jones, and that Walken is a noted Luddite who is scared of Google? Or better, how funny is it that they agreed to be on Jones' show, without doing research into what he does everyday?

Last Friday on the Alex Jones Show, the two actors appeared via Skype on Jones' show while on the set of a Funny Or Die short, sitting together like an old married couple. Was Walken on Belzer's lap? I hope so.

You may have seen the likes of Willie Nelson, Dave Mustaine, Charlie Sheen, and Ted Nugent on Jones' show, with varying degrees of sanity. Jones tried to bait Walken into waxing on about his fear of technology and government spying on citizens -- usual Jones fodder -- but Walken was more into talking about food. Belzer wanted to talk about his new book.

"I was taking a nap and Richard called me out and here I am," said Walken. Once Jones brought up the "coming" Iran war, Walken shied from the camera. When Jones steered the conversation to more pressing matters like wine and mushrooms, Walken came back briefly.

Belzer on the other hand made a crack about Ronald Reagan's trickle down economics "raping" the government. After that line, the video fades away. This was before Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin's comments about rape and pregancy shit the proverbial bed.

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Craig Hlavaty
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