Cohen & Tate with Eric Red Live

In the 1980s and '90s, Eric Red was hands down the best writer/director of horror and thriller fare. He's the man behind Near Dark, also known as the best vampire movie ever made, period. Among his less well-known films is Cohen & Tate, a 1989 kidnapping thriller starring Roy Scheider and Adam Baldwin. The film follows two antagonistic hit men sent to assassinate a young boy, the witness to a mob murder. They manage to kidnap the boy, killing his family in the process. As the tension between the two assassins escalates, things get more and more out of control, with the hit men trying to kill each other as well as the boy and anyone who gets in their way.

Filmed right here in Houston, it's a fairly obscure but excellent violent character piece and one of the best action flicks we've ever seen. Red hosts today's Cohen & Tate with Eric Red Live, a rare 35mm print screening of the film. A few lucky fans will also get free Blu-ray copies of the film; Red is enthusiastically supporting the release. ''The best thing about the Blu-ray coming out now is it introduces the film to new viewers,'' Red said by e-mail. ''The release timing is good because contemporary audiences have a more tough-minded sensibility than their counterparts did when the film came out and will probably be more receptive and in tune to the edgy characters and story.''

7 p.m. Alamo Drafthouse Vintage Park, 114 Vintage Park Boulevard. For information, call 713-715-4707 or visit $12.
Sun., July 14, 7 p.m., 2013

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