Combat Baby: Palladium Boots Opens First U.S. Store in Houston

When your boots are born from airplane tires, they're probably gonna be pretty tough.

Palladium was founded in France almost a century ago as a manufacturer of aircraft tires. After World War II, they switched gears and began making rugged, hard-wearing boots for the French Foreign Legion. Palladium is building on their military heritage creating comfortable, sturdy-yet-stylish footwear for adventurers and explorers.

After the brand's re-launch in 2009, they've grown significantly, opening retail stores in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, London and, as of September 1, the first U.S. retail store, in our very own Galleria. Take that, New York and L.A.

We contacted Palladium's publicist, Kelsey Comstock, to ask why we were the lucky chosen ones. She told us that Palladium initially targeted the top ten locations in the U.S., one of which is the Houston Galleria. After that, "the details then all fell into place perfectly" for H-town to get the store. "Palladium boots are all about urban exploration, and the brand is proud to call Houston, as an inspired urban environment itself, its first domestic retail home," she said.

Palladium has launched a campaign entitled "Tokyo Rising" to promote their Fall/Winter collection featuring Pharrell Williams of N.E.R.D. & The Neptunes. "Tokyo Rising" is a documentary-style short film in which Williams dons his Palladium boots and hits the streets of Tokyo, exploring the city in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

If you fancy yourself an urban explorer who prefers the road less-traveled, stop into Palladium's new Galleria store. Check out their contemporary and classic men's, women's and kids' styles and see more from Tokyo Rising.

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Ginny Braud
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