Comicpalooza Day 1: Quidditch, Horror Flicks, and Our Crush on Link

Being that your humble reporter is they guy the Houston Press calls on our specialty geek emergency phone whenever steampunk, zombies, or superheroes need reporting on, it may come as some surprise that this year's Comicpalooza is the first comic book convention that we've ever been to. It's true, but we still had a pretty good idea what we were getting into.

Calling these events comic book conventions is like calling a laptop a word processor. There's a lot more going on here. The world of film, craft, video games, books and pretty much any pop culture geek favorite endeavor is lovingly represented. Comic is just a codeword for fandom, and the conventions reflect that.

We arrived in the early afternoon without much of an itinerary, preferring to just soak up what was going on around us. Right off the bat, it's clear the steampunk movement is gaining even more ground in the comic community. Goggles, brass fixtures, top hats, and comically oversized and accessorized firearms - it's Texas, after all - were everywhere.

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