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Comicpalooza This Weekend!

Last year Houston Press spent three glorious days hanging out in the George R. Brown Convention Center for Comicpalooza. The event is growing by leaps and bounds, and this year looks to be even better than the year before. We'll be there for the duration, letting you know what bits of amazing geek have descended on our fair city, so look for weekend coverage of the event here on Art Attack.

The one and only George Takei will be on hand. The former Star Trek and Heroes star has since become the king of all Facebook. There is absolutely zero chance that you have not seen some of his shares in your newsfeed this week. Other stars include Michael Biehn of Terminator and Aliens, who was here last year for Splatterfest, and Kristin Baur, who is our favorite bitchy vampire Pam in HBO's True Blood. Ernie Hudson, Kevin Sorbo and more will also be on hand.

No comic book convention would be complete without a parade of the top talent currently creating our favorite books. High on every Houstonian's list should be Christopher Yost, the man behind Houston's first superhero the Scarlet Spider. Be sure to catch the panel on Scarlet Spider being hosted by Alamo Drafthouse's Robert Saucedo on Saturday at 1 p.m. Another comic set in Houston, Gary Watson's After Twilight, will have a booth as well.

NWA wrestling, roller derby and collegiate quidditch matches are scheduled throughout the convention for the more physically minded. Trust me, watching people play quidditch is loads more fun than it has any right to be. Let's see if Texas Tech will once again dominate the competition. If you're of a more sedentary mind-set, Game Over, the chain of impossibly awesome retro video game stores, will have a setup for you to relive your pixilated childhood on a variety of systems.

And as always, you can learn valuable, or at least extremely fun, skills. Nick Gillard was one of the people responsible for the only redeeming part of the Star Wars prequels, the badass lightsaber duels. He'll be showing you how to be a Jedi in his training seminars. Want to be a professional ghost hunter? There are at least three panels to aid you in acquiring the proper equipment and techniques to pursue the spirits of the dead.

All this and more is going on this weekend. Join us there, or be sure to read about the whole thing right here on Art Attack.

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