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Comment of the Day: Beach Casual = Business Casual?

Yesterday, Craig Hlavaty posted some images of the most effed-up sandcastles you will probably ever see. People lying in bed, a woman's naked behind, some weird hollowed-out heart-chest thing and, of course, vaginas and penises, are all sources of inspiration for these sand artists.

But perhaps most messed up is a sandcastle in the form of a WTC building, complete with a plane crashing inside it. Oh yeah, and there are a lot of foreign-looking people standing around it (no idea whether that was Photoshopped).

Furioso Ateo wrote:

The 9/11 sand castle is messed up. Awesome, but messed up.

And then, after thinking about it for a moment:

Also, I like how everyone is wearing business casual to the beach there.

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