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Comment of the Day: Heroes and Villains

People are passionate about comics, and Pete Vonder Haar's latest Review for the Easily Distracted garnered several passionate comments about the latest film adaptation of the X-Men franchise.

Terence said:

Nice review. One point, though: you are supposed to sympathize with Magneto, even in the comic book. That's what makes him one of the most endearing anti-heroes/villains in Marvel history. He has a past that makes the audience understand exactly why he is the way he is and believes the things he believes. Xavier coming from privilege is also deliberate. The opposing manners in which these two friends turned antagonists were made makes the issues at hand less black and white, which--in my opinion--always made the X-Men a more interesting series to read.

I still wish movie Magneto was as powerful as comic book Magneto, though. XD

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