Comment of the Day: High School Reunions

Yesterday, Craig Hlavaty gave you his picks for the best high school reunion movies ever. Of course, one stands out among the rest: Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. Maybe it's the infamous Post-It Note claim, maybe it's the fact that we occasionally end conversations with "Have a Romy and Michele Day!", but there is something about this movie that causes viewers to simply fall in love with it.

Reader Rhonda Hare knows what we mean:

Loved "Romy & Michelle...!" After that came out my best friend & I swore when we went to our 10 year that we would adamantly claim we invented Post-Its. Sad to report we didn't follow through.

15 year is coming up at the end of the month & I'm still undecided. The internet is a high school reunion now, so unless the reunion promises some fun it seems pointless.

You should go to yours, and then do a follow-up piece.. Yes.

We'll see what we can do.


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