Comment of the Day: One Final Shout-Out to Our Dads

On Friday, we ran a Craig-Hlavaty-penned tribute to the less-than-stellar dads of TV. Sure, Arrested Development's George Bluth might not have the paternal know-how of that wiseass Mike Brady, but did Mike Brady ever try to boil bag dinners in an attic hot tub? I rest my case.

Yesterday, reader Allison K gave us her choice for a television father:

So he doesn't have the same ridiculous humor bent as your choices here, but I will forever be disappointed that I was not raised by Dan Conner.

Indeed, Dan Conner (Roseanne) was a great TV dad, and even cashed in his final pension to take his family to Disney World. Too bad he was a little too family-oriented to make it on the list.

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