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Comment of the Day: Robocop

Yesterday's COTD examined readers' thoughts on Abby Koenig's plea for the A.V. Pop Pilgrims to visit Houston (yeah, it's probably overkill at this point, but we really think they should come here). Several folks thought she should have included the movie Rushmore, which was filmed here, as a reason to visit, but reader Jamesb felt something else had been overlooked.

UM. Robocop 2.

Which sounds like a bit of a gloss-over. Then we started looking at jamesb's other comments. We found these comments on the original story:

ZOMFG I forgot--ROBOCOP 2!!!

They shot it in downtown, and (tongue in cheek, perhaps?) smashed the evil robocop into the side of the Tony Award-Winning Alley Theatre! Also making an appearance: the Wortham Theatre (with some special effects tacked on) as OCP headquarters.

And in response to "Kyle From The AV Club," who expressed interest in heading here (not sure whether or not he's actually from the A.V. Club), Jamesb wrote:

Robocop 2. See above.

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