Comment of the Day: Ryan Ramirez Needs to Build Her Emotional Vocabulary

We are huge fans of So You Think You Can Dance, and we're thrilled that our readers appear to be as well. This morning, we recapped last night's elimination episode, in which the judges sent four dancers home (and kept Ryan and Ricky). We weren't happy with their decision to keep Ryan, and neither did Noah Forman, who wrote:

I totally agree with you about the choice to keep Ryan. It bugs me that she always has the same silly smile on her face. I'm sure she could also do "sad," but that's not much of an emotional vocabulary. But I agree with the judges about Wadi's solo. There was a lot of top rock and shuffling around, but it all felt like filler leading into a few nice power moves. Aside from that kip up at the end, it was unspectacular. I really liked Wadi, but just that solo could have been more thrilling.

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