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Comment of the Day: Stream this, Netflix!

Yesterday's post by Olivia Flores Alvarez that called out Netflix on its recent fee-uppage caught a lot of attention, mostly by folks who felt similarly about the whole situation.

Monkey's ready to switch over:

'll probably cancel and wait for Google or Amazon. I want more choices at cheaper or same prices not less for more. This is the way of the Web.

So's Shahkhan:

I completely agree, they didn't even give customers an incentive to combine the streaming and DVD combo 7.99 a pop for both services!!! They claim it's to give customers more "options", thank you netflix for now giving me the "option" to leave. It's only a matter of time before google and amazon dominate this market if these are the options you present to customers.

FriedB was already a step ahead of us:

we cancelled netflix yesterday, and signed up for the hulu plus trial.

And seand said our anger was misdirected:

Don't blame netflix blame the greed in hollywood. netflix has to pay for rights to be able to stream movies and are paying under 100 milllion right now to do that, next year its going to be around 1.2 billion so it forces netflix to raise prices. This also means all of are favorite streaming services like amazons new service and hulu are both going to have big price jumps soon.
A bleak forecast, indeed.

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