Comment of the Day: The Green Lantern vs. God

Today on Art Attack, we featured an open letter from writer/resident geek Jef With One F to Warner Brothers and DC Comics asking that "Under God" be restored to the Green Lantern Oath. If you're like me, you probably hadn't realized it was missing; then you slowly realized it had never actually been in the oath ever before.

As far as our readers go, it was hard to tell who got it, who didn't, and who got it but pretended like they didn't.

Talking Wolf took stand against Jef's satirical letter, saying religion has no place in our heroes' oaths:

There was a lot of moral crap that was leveled on kids and adults in the fifties and sixties. This proved to be a bad idea all around. Religion should be personal, not a political tool. Pushing stuff like this did not make the children more willing to take big J into their heart or prevent Hippies from rejecting the government when they where old enough to do so. In fact the children of that time rebelled stronger then ever. The Hippie and Punk movement both were born of that time. Heroes stomp the guys who hurt the innocent. Leave it at that.

Jacob Wilson, on the other hand, agreed (we think) with Jef's letter:

Really good, under god should be in there.

And Michael said the focus on the oath was nothing but a red herring:

Problem with this - given how poor the early reviews are, maybe the demands for pray should be leveled at "dear God, why must you fuck this up so?" as opposed to the oath.

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