Comment of the Day: The Power is Yours

Art Attack's resident geek Jef With One F's list of ring powers that should be considered by the makers of the upcoming Captain Planet movie (yes, there is one) landed on our blog today and had us rolling in the aisles ("METAL!"). We imagine we'll be saying something similar once the actual movie comes out, which isn't even supposed to be a comedy (we think).

For those of us watching cartoons in the late '80s and early '90s, the post brought back memories of killing time and what channel surfing was like when we only had three channels.

For 8th Dimension Comics, it provided a forum to rant about what was a very disappointing, sometimes even frustrating, show:


I always hated how the kids NEVER used their power rings for more than a couple of seconds before they were like, "Screw it. Let's summon the mullet-guy to beat up the bad guys for us." Then Captain Planet would have the nerve to claim, "The power is yours!"

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