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Comment of the Day: Those Weird Kids' Shows

Yesterday's post by Jef With One F that offered up some pretty horrifying explanations of popular children's shows spawned a host of comments from readers, several of whom offered up their own interpretations.

Happyfoxy asked:

Have you noticed that every episode of Thomas the Tank Engine features a derailment? How does this rail line get insurance?

Meanwhile, Jim in FL. expanded on Jef's own interpretation of Joe from Blue's Clues as a mental patient in a hospital or halfway house:

t should be noted that Steve's therapy obviously did not hold, as he went on tour as a Punk Rock Musician, and occasionally revisits Joe in "the House".

And Delphine Dryden gave us her own twisted interpretation of Max and Ruby:

But you've missed one of the best ones, Max and Ruby. Where exactly ARE Max and Ruby's parents? Why is a pre-verbal child left in the care of an also-young sister with pathological control issues? I think it's pretty obvious Ruby killed the parents and the grandmother is covering for her.

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