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Comment of the Day: Watch to the End

Yesterday's funny-because-it's-true list of movies you only need to watch halfway through raised the hackles of several readers today, and not just because of writer John Gray's inclusion of Stripes on this list (I'll agree with Full Metal Jacket, but more Bill Murray is more Bill Murray, and more Bill Murray is never a bad thing).

Evan felt we had missed the whole point of watching Independence Day to the end:

But the best part of Independence Day is the schmaltzy end. Plus, the scene where they nuke Houston. I say replace it with Rocky Horror Picture Show. The whole thing just drags out with Boring after the Toucha Toucha Touch Me musical number.

Jeff in Seabrook, meanwhile, nominated Blazing Saddles for inclusion:

Blazing Saddles. I always stop watching right after the "Somebody's gotta go back and get a shitload of dimes" line.

And Jeff succinctly commented:

You are dead to me for putting Stripes on this list, John.

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