Comment of the Day: We Don't Speak Nerd

Today's a very special Comment of the Day. Well, not really. We're checking out a new timeframe for the feature to see how it gibes with our schedule, which is why we're about eight hours late in publishing it. Really. This isn't about who did what or got jacked up on Coke and a Snickers bar and passed out by 7 p.m. yesterday and forgot to do it. Really.

In any case, today's Pop Rocks, about geeky pop culture rivalries, elicited a comment that made us scratch our heads. Shane Lankford McCauley wrote:

sometimes I could swear she says "this battle is to the debt"

Pete left an equally apocryphal comment in reply:

Then they would've had to call it " Amex Time."

We were so surprised that we actually didn't get something that seemed like an OK joke to be in on, so we emailed Pete to ask him what the happy-happs was. He traced it back to the Star Trek episode "Amok Time," in which an Austrian actress, Celia Lovsky, played one of the characters. Her thick accent made "death" sound like "debt."

There was also a lot of stuff in there about Spock traveling back to Vulcan and Kirk getting into some kind of death battle (hence "this fight is to the death,") but we sort of went in and out as we read it. We're nerdy, but we're not that nerdy.


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