Community: I am Your Density, I Mean Destiny

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This week's Community addressed some of life's most perplexing questions that philosophers have been cogitating for centuries: does life travel on a preordained course and are certain individuals destined to be in each other's lives? Abed thinks so and he has made a "Crazy Quilt of Destiny" to depict the multiple points in history where the study group's lives have intersected. Abed has been collecting information, receipts, movie theater stubs, old newspaper articles and with this evidence he has pieced together a map of the study group's connectivity. It's awesome.

But before we start down the study group's Back to the Future Part 2 and 3-like plot, let's talk about Chang. We have finally found out Chang's partner in crime and it is... it is... someone that I've never seen before. Who is that guy?

Whatever is going on in Chang's plot to destroy Greendale he actually may have a shot this time as the Dean has entrusted him with mailing the school's lease renewal. Without it, Greendale will become a casino. Chang evilly shoves the letter in his pocket, laughing about Steve Wynwood playing at the Greendale casino.

Now back to the study group: Our story begins in a time far far away: 2008.

We all know that Troy and Annie went to high school together and that Annie had something of a crush on Troy, who somehow was more mature than he is in the present time. But their past non-relationship is just a brick in the foundation of the first building in crazy town.

In 2008, Shirley happens to be picking up a little something sexy for her adult evening with husband Andre; it's their anniversary, and Abed just happens to be at the mall at the same time.

Meanwhile, Jeff has just closed out the case that should have been the biggest notch in the bedpost of his rising career as a lawyer. He has gotten a stripper off from a charge of "dancing" around a flagpole, declaring it as a performance art (isn't it though?). Brita, with an awesome nose ring and purple hair, and her gang of An"her"chists are at the court house to rally around the right of a woman to use her body anyway she wants. Brita and Jeff fist bump. He is a hero to her that day.

But he's not a hero to all. The stripper he got off was none other than the one that Shirley's husband cheated with. Wha, wha wha?

But it only gets better. Shirley and Andre are out celebrating their anniversary when she gets a call from her kids; they've been harassed by a crazy person ranting about the atrocity that is the Star Wars prequels. You can only guess that this person is Abed. And because of Abed's lunacy (he's right though), Shirley has to make a swift exit from her celebration to get the kids leaving Andre the opportunity to meet the stripper that Jeff just got out of jail. Crazy.

But, before we say that Jeff is evil or Abed is a sociopath, Jeff's big win in court is the very reason that his law firm finds out that he never received his degree, forcing him to quit and go to Greendale. It's like that movie Crash, but without all the racism.

Annie and Troy also have an intersection when at a senior party, Annie, who has popped way too many "smart girl" pills, lashes out at Troy, calling him a moron. Annie then runs through glass because people do that. Both of these events ruin the intended future plans the two had.

But this information freaks the study group the hell out, and, par for the course, they have to take a break from each other to sort things out. But not for very long, as sorting things out for each one of them means eating frozen yogurt and they all run into each other at the fro-yo place at the mall. Odd? No! This is the exact frozen yogurt place where each one of them decided to sign up for Greendale.

Chang happened to be handing out flyers, that day in 2008, for the college and each of the study group members was there, lamenting the lack of direction they currently had in their lives.

So they were all meant to meet and be besties and go to Greendale and live happily ever after with associate degrees. Awww. The group is and has always been like the guy who killed Spiderman's Uncle Ben and Spiderman simultaneously; yeah that doesn't make much sense, or does it?

The missing link between the whole operation is Chang, and Abed goes to tell him and invite him to have some frozen yogurt, which is all Chang has ever wanted - to fit in.

Abed sort of acknowledges that he knows that Chang is really Chang, but comforts him in the fact that everyone is allowed a second chance, even psychopathic attempted murders who live in air ducts on college campuses. All ends well with Chang and Abed headed to drop off the college's lease in the mail on the way to get yogurt.

Or is everything OK, there is still that guy that I don't remember ever seeing before that is plotting to take down Greendale!

Not only was this a highly entertaining episode but also there wasn't one connection that was unbelievable. It was as if the writers have also been watching the show for its duration and really put together a Crazy Quilt of Destiny and linked up the characters' stories in a cohesive manner. Dear Old Writers of Lost, this is what you do when you are trying to link stories; rewatch your own show.

This is a classic Community episode, everything fit nicely in place, the jokes were there, the characters were spot on and Jeff's bombastic soliloquy was perfectly heart-warming. Love this episode.

Also of note, Chevy Chase was not in this episode at all, as per his bitching and moaning he only filmed a part of the season. They worked his absence out by saying he donated a kidney to Gilbert. I sort of figured they would kill him off for being a pain in the ass.

Some good moments:

Brita's anarchist group quits on her because one of them "had a burger and isn't cold anymore." Brita ponders: "What's an an"her'chist to do without her organization?" Troy tells Annie he doesn't care about math; he's only interested in statistics (of football). Er...

Shirley tries to return the silk nighty she bought for her and Andre and when she can't she tosses it on the mall floor. The Dean happens to pick it up and says to himself, "Don't let this awaken something inside you." Ha.

Chang calls his partner in crime and tells him that he's "chang'ed his mind." Yes! I have been waiting for more chang-related humor all season.

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