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Converted for the Gifts? Top 10 Celebrity Converted Jews

The other night we happened to catch that classic Seinfeld episode where Seinfeld's dentist converts to Judaism and Jerry gets all up in arms about it. What's so funny about Jerry's miff is that he's not upset that the guy isn't taking the religion seriously; no, he thinks his dentist converted so that he will have the ability to tell Jewish jokes.

Changing religions is a big to do, especially in the Jewish faith. There are tests, written and emotionally, Rabbis are known to actively dissuade a convert wannabe. There's studying of books and being drilled in Jewish court, but it's worth it in the end -- because then you have the right to eight nights of presents!

That's right, Hannukah is upon us and unlike that other December holiday, (which will go unnamed) Hannukah isn't a one-day present affair. The presents go on for over a week. Sure, you might get a night of socks or Hanes T-shirts, but who cares, tomorrow will bring some other wonderful (practical) gift.

In Hollywood changing religion is as common as changing Gucci bags, you can just buy a new one. But you can't buy into Judaism, so why do so many make the switch? Obviously, the majority believe in the religion, but is it possible that some are making the switch for the presents? Either way, there are a lot of Jewish converts out there in La La Land, and we've found our top ten.

Art Attack's top ten celebrity Jewish converts:

10: Tom Arnold

Apparently, Tom converted because of his marriage to Roseanne Bar, or maybe because of the Matzoh ball soup.

9. Connie Chung

Connie Chung has been a journalist for over three decades; she got her start back with Walter Cronkite. Chung is a converted Jew because of her marriage to fellow journalist Maury Povich. She is also Chinese, which could be really nice when ordering Chinese food take out on Christmas.

8. Elizabeth Banks

Banks is married to a sportswriter named Max Handelman and converted before marrying him. He wrote a book about Fantasy Football. His name is Max Handelman. She must really love him.

7. Kate Capshaw

If you didn't know it, Kate Capshaw is also known as Mrs. Steven Spielberg. If Steven Spielberg wants you to convert to Judaism, you do it.

6. Sammy Davis Jr.

You have to give it to Sammy Davis Jr. During one of the most disdainful periods in this country's history, where blacks fought for racial equality and an end to segregation, Sammy, a black, one-eyed performer converts to Judaism. Even with all cards stacked against him, he became one of the biggest celebrities in the world. 5. Nell Carter

What up Nell Carter devoted Jewish convert?! When she said Gimme a Break maybe she was talking about a piece of the afikoman. 4. Elizabeth Taylor

Liz Taylor converted to the Jewish faith at the young age of 27 and kept up with it throughout her life. Supposedly her devotion to the faith barred her from Egypt where she was to complete the filming of Cleopatra. It never stopped her from wearing heavy Egyptian-style eyeliner, though. 3. Soleil Moon Frye aka Punky Brewster

Soleil Moon Frye briefly dated Mark Wahlberg, but converted for Jason Goldberg. Wahlberg just sounds like a Jewish last name.

2. Ike Turner

Who knows why Ike Turner converted? Known as much for his massive influence on R&B as being a notorious wife beater, maybe Turner decided that if one religion wouldn't take him, he'd try another?

1. Marilyn Monroe

You know that song in the musical Annie, where the entire staff of Daddy Warbuck's mansion walks around singing, "We've got Annie." Yep, that's how Jews feel about Marilyn. We got Marilyn.

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