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Copper And "The Hudson River School"

Judging from the previews that came ahead of Sunday night's episode of Copper, we were supposed to see part of New York City burn at the hand of Confederates. That didn't happen, though the episode did a good job of staving it off in favor of more fuckery and creepiness.

I can't tell whether or not BBC America already shilling the Season One DVD set at this point in the season is a good thing either, and I haven't got definite word that it has been renewed, though ratings have been decent. I would say yes, but stranger things have happened.

In "The Hudson River School" we take the good with the bad. We find out that Robert Morehouse doesn't mind being in bed with Confederate spies with bad Canadian accents -- even though the rebels took his leg -- as long as the price is right. His boyish good looks and (opium-addicted) rich-boy maneuvering aren't as fun now as they were a few episodes back.

What was that flash-fire stuff that the Confederate spy and Morehouse are playing with? I want some, for science reasons.

Annie isn't shipped off to California after all by John Riley the pedophile, and she is actually locked up like an animal in a barn outside of town as a sex slave, subsisting on bacon. Wink wink.

Luckily, we get to see her slash Riley with a jagged farming tool in the barn, before running back to Corcoran's house for more creepy cuddling.

It's cool though, we get to see Corcoran feeding Riley's corpse to some pigs, in sweet irony. Maybe the whole "Riley's body being ripped to shreds by pigs" scene will be on the DVD?

I still stand by my notion that she will be dead or pregnant by the end of the season. Let's see if Eva slashes her throat maybe. She almost admitted to slashing Molly's throat Sunday night too, and joked about doing the same to Elizabeth for lying to Corcoran about Annie's whereabouts.

Seems to me that Eva has nothing to lose in killing the whorechild and the widow. She would have Corcoran to herself.

Maguire's storyline with the schoolteacher Mary unveiled a whole other layer to the abortion doctor plot line from a few episodes back. The whole "men who paid for abortions" ledger tale may not fit into season one. And hey, Corcoran's partner does crazy in a brothel better than anyone else.

I cheered -- with no one else around -- as Morehouse gave Elizabeth that hit of opium while in their quiet time. Let's get her hooked so she will sell everything and become a opium whore, whaddya say?

Dr. Freeman and his wife discover she is pregnant, which was the only heartwarming moment in this episode, unless you think Corcoran bathing Annie was sweet. I like the Freeman duo, and I wish they had more screen time. Even in the face of a possible race riot, they manage to glow.

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