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Copper Endures "La Tempête"

Episode five of Copper was one of those evolving action episodes where nothing much happens, but in episode six all of the pieces will more than likely wind up fitting and someone will get hung, beaten, or have their throat slashed.

I hope it is Uncle Marcus.

The episode titled "La Tempête" centers around a foiled heist of a gathering that the increasingly suspect widow Haverford is throwing. Of course she wants Corcoran to be on the special security detail that she more or less extorts out of Captain Sullivan. We also get to see Corcoran continue to beat people with his cane during interrogations, which is a welcome development in the Copper world.

Imagine if Doctor House wailed on a patient or co-worker each episode?

The concept of Mrs. Haverford throwing a charity gala at her house is one thing, but then hearing that she is playing both sides of the war effort is cause for alarm. Even the younger Morehouse confronts her about it, but she shrugs it off like any good rich bitch caught with her hands in the Confederate cookie jar.

We also get to witness Annie being the increasingly most creepy thing on television, besides of course Honey Boo Boo and her family. One minute she is drawing whore makeup on a doll, and the next she is accusing Morehouse of unwittingly using her private services at the brothel in a drunken stupor, and basically molesting him. She knows him by his stump.

Her "I don't got no need for a childhood," line is perverse but at this point she is probably correct.

For some reason Maguire wants to get married literally weeks after his prostitute girlfriend Molly "commits suicide", shacking up his a homely Mary Lockwood in her stead. Corcoran talks to Maguire about living in the past in a moment of hypocrisy that Mr. Who Killed My Daughter And Where Is My Wife? doesn't seem to see.

At the end of "La Tempête" we see the damaged war veterans Corcoran and Morehouse waxing poetic over glasses of morphine -- SWEET JESUS -- and fading off into a fog together.

I think it's time we see some Civil War flashbacks, you guys.

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