Cover Story: Summer Movies 2013 and Joss Whedon Goes From The Avengers to Shakespeare

World War Z, Man of Steel, The Lone Ranger - all kind of big movies in a summer ahead that promises more blockbusters than obscure indie films.

To help you plan your dance card we've outlined what's coming up from late May to mid-August including films such as Monsters University, a prequel to Pixar's Monsters Inc. and Pacific Rim where Guillermo del Toro has giant monsters fighting giant robots (which means it'll be easier to tell the good guys from the bad, unlike in the Transformers movies).

We're also featuring a write-up on director/writer Joss Whedon of Avengers fame, who's taken a left turn to film Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.

Check out this week's cover story and you too can wonder if Melissa McCarthy can finally get another movie like Bridesmaids that will do her proud.

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