Craig Horner: Whatever Happened to Him? An Interview With a Fan

Whatever happened to Craig Horner?

That burning question has haunted a horde of breathless fans like yourself, restless in their impatience, wondering if they would ever see again the chiseled abs that helped make The Legend of the Seeker a hit, nay, a cult television series, a sci-fi epic that was actually more of a medieval-quest-saga, with a lot of magic thrown in.

And would they ever see again Craig's beauteous love interest, Bridget Regan, and, yes, Craig and Bridget did make love in the Sam Raimi epic but how about off the set? Rumors abound, from New Zealand to the Castro section of San Francisco, but does anyone really know?

No, don't interrupt, I'm just musing for a moment . . . your question? We get that all the time and the answer is: No, it is not possible to have minus-zero body fat, although Craig does come close when he takes a deep breath.

Next? Yes, it is possible to find a picture of Craig with his shirt on but it's not easy!

But here's the news:

Craig has surfaced, and made a personal appearance - yes, in person - at the Wonder Con comic book convention (oops! I mean "graphic novel" convention, of course) in Anaheim, CA on March 16 and 17. He signed autographs or reproductions of props such as The Sword of Truth if bought in advance.

You're asking about 6'7" Bruce Spence, Craig's wizard companion in Legend? We're not going there since this is about Craig. Yes, I know Bruce stole the show. I said Yes! And, yes, I do know it was shot in New Zealand in high definition. Yes, it has been two years - get over it.

Anyway, the legions of fans like yourself mounted a fierce campaign but to no avail as producers Disney and ABC Studios did not authorize a third season. You're still writing Disney? Thank you, I'm sure Craig appreciates that.

If you didn't make the convention, you can still buy The Sword of Truth for just $495. Twenty left. And check out YouTube where Craig still wields the sword and with a twinkle in his eye to boot. Autographed photos are still available.

I already told you about the twinkle. Okay, judge for yourself.

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