Cuddle Shuttle: 10 Astronauts We'd Like to Get Cozy With

The Space Shuttle Atlantis touched down at 5:56 a.m.EST this morning, effectively ending this country's program of sending manned aircraft into outer space. Whether you're sad to see an era come to an end or you're relieved that your tax dollars will be spent on something more "useful" (don't sweat it, though; Uncle Sam will probably spend them on laser sharks or developing a "tearless" onion), we can all agree on one thing: Astronauts are kind of hot. Maybe it's the whole thrill-seeking pilot thing combined with a high I.Q. and scientific purpose, but we certainly wouldn't mind cozying up to an astronaut in the shuttle. Wouldn't you rather your eye candy also have an I.Q. of 180? No wonder Liz Lemon, at age 40, still fantasizes about Astronaut Mike Dexter.

Smart is sexy, and we have no shame, so we came up with our most cuddle-worthy astronauts, male and female.

10. David Scott

9. Tracy Caldwell Dyson

8.John Glenn

7. Millie Hughes-Fulford

6. Buzz Aldrin

5. Sally Ride

4. Gene Cernan

3. Janet Lynn Kavandi

2. Neil Armstrong

1. Mae Carol Jemison

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