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Dallas: "My Friends Are In The Statehouse. My Enemies Are Gonna Be Harder To Find."

"Previously on Dallas..." a lot of shit happened. Bobby may be dying, Christopher may be hooking up with ex-girlfriend Elena, newlywed Rebecca and her brother are conning her new husband, and J.R. has emerged from a long period of catatonia to reassert himself as the biggest sonofabitch west of the Mississippi.

The second (well, third) episode of TNT's continuation of the classic series continued to bring the melodrama, providing a number of great lines (all courtesy of J.R., natch) and one "shocking" revelation that would've been more effective had we not already known certain things.

But I'm not complaining. Against my better judgment, I'm digging the new Dallas a lot. Part of it is nostalgia, but mostly it's appreciation for a show that isn't simply another parade of pseudo-celebrity grotesques or tired dance/karaoke/weight loss "competitions." TV used to be *fun*, dammit. And Dallas is bringing that goofy prime time soap atmosphere back with a vengeance.

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