Wendy Hook's Pink and Green
Wendy Hook's Pink and Green
Courtesy of DARKE | gallery

DARKE | gallery Fostering 2011's Fiber-Art Showcase

"The Year of the Quilt" has arrived in Houston.

On Wednesday, DARKE | gallery, 320 Detering Street, announced that they're showcasing a two-person exhibition of works in what New York City's American Folk Art Museum recently proclaimed as being the medium of choice in 2011.

"Intersections" -- scheduled to open on Friday, June 10 -- will feature Wendy Hook's color-block quilts and her son Stephen's videos and text-based paintings and video.

The thematic year was bred from "Quilts: Masterworks from the American Folk Art Museum." The exhibition, currently on display through October 16, features textiles hanging all over the place on all three floors of the NYC art space.

DARKE | gallery won't take it that far, but they will showcase Wendy's handmade fibers alongside mixed-media pieces by Stephen, who is working on his MFA candidacy at the University of Houston.

The show opens with an artist's reception on June 10 from 6 to 9 p.m. The exhibit will hang through July 9.

Admission is free. Call 713-542-3802 or check out www.darkegallery.com.

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