Daylight Savings: Five Ways to Spend Your Extra Hour

"25th Hour" is not just an underrated Spike Lee film--it's a literal concept dreamed about by throngs of over-caffeinated students and workaholics.

One day a year, however, this procrastinator's day-of-paradise becomes reality.

Not to be confused with the gnarly trinket in World of Warcraft, DST was first known to us as Daylight Savings Time.

Open up the calender on the bottom-right of your screen. What are these extra lines of text? Ah, yes--daylight savings time is imminent (Sunday, Nov. 7).

For those Houstonians who wish not to "fall back" on their usual DST pastimes (prolonged drinking at a bar, uninterrupted engagement in online, multiplayer role-playing games), here are five activities to make that coveted extra hour worthwhile.

These apply to you too, Cher!

Community on Hulu/NBC.com Can Art Attack be any bigger fans of this show? Sure, television is subjective--but try arguing with the masterful reviews Daniel Carlson has written about this program's last two episodes (here ... and here). Once you've become hooked on the Greendale gang, make it a habit to watch the show on broadcast (remember that?) television--ensuring its livelihood. Seriously, we can't bare to live in a world where shows like this are constantly endangered species and Two and a Half Men wins Emmys and is going on its seventh season.

Free First Sunday at The Museum of Fine Arts Houston This month's theme is "Nature Inspires Us." Become inspired by that extra 60 minutes to treat the family to arts and music. Sunday's sans-precipitation, high-of-74 forecast should make even the most UV-phobic hermits want to bask in the museum's outdoor exhibits and activities.

Boardwalk Empire (7 p.m. on HBO)

The stalwart of television (premium or otherwise) is not always that easy to acquire. Cable isn't free. HBO is even less free. But apparently, a whole lot of our friends have HBO. And judging from all the


(HBO's in there, too) they're making about this show on their Facebook pages, these "

imagination-wild, self-evident

" programming opportunists are currently enamored by Martin Scorse's latest small-screen project. Plus, we're curious to see what our beloved

Tommy Gnosis

has been up to lately.

Richard III at UH-Main Campus Everyone talks about supporting local foods and produce. But what about supporting local theater? The Cougar thespians try their hand at this Shakespeare classic about Richard III's Machiavellian rise to become King of England and his ensuing fall from the throne.

Watch The Social Network. Again. If the "again" doesn't apply to you, what the hell are you waiting for?! Get to it! Art Attack has seen the film three times, and each time has been as thoroughly entertaining as the last. As much time as many of you spend trolling the actual Facebook, it behooves you to view a fictional-ish take on its creation. Facebook's all about self-promotion, right?

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