Deadline Approaches for Fringe Festival Applications

The Fringe Festival is always one of the highlights of the Houston art calendar, and definitely a place for the more "out there" visual artists to show off their creations. The actual festival isn't until September, but interested applicants need to submit by May 27 if they wish to be considered.

The Visual Art Coordinators this year are Bret and Rachel Harmeyer, themselves artists who have exhibited their distinctly macabre wares at Fringe over the last several years. Bret Harmeyer is an accomplished painter and sculpture known for his gothic imaginings of human/insect hybrids. His wife Rachel specializes in more anatomical workers, everything from drawings to needlepoint exploring the human skeleton. It's hard to imagine a more unique and qualified pair to select visual art for the festival.

The application process is free and easy. Interested artists need only submit contact information, an artists CV, an artist's statement, and up to five images to be considered to fringeart@freneticore.net.

Flashback 100 Creatives: Rachel Harmeyer 100 Creatives: Bret Harmeyer

"The kind of artistic work that best represents Fringe festival is work that transcends the traditional boundaries of artistic media," said Rachel Harmeyer via email. "I most enjoy creative work that truly challenges the viewer, either through its style, materials, content, or all of the above."

The Houston Fringe Festival is a multi-day celebration of diverse art that is entering its seventh year. The celebration contains dance, drama, music, and other, less easily defined forms of creative expression. The festival's artistic identity is best described as socially aware, passionate, irreverent, and committed to producing high-quality creative work that goes against the grain. If you're creating off the beaten path, then it's a prime opportunity for you.

Good luck, artists.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.