Deadly Halloween Candy: 10 Halloween Candies That If We Ate Them Today, Would Kill Us

Halloween is quickly approaching. With our favorite Pagan holiday comes an overdose of costume nostalgia, movie memories and, most importantly, candy overload! As a kid, if it was dropped into your Halloween treat bag and its first two ingredients were either sugar or corn syrup, you had the golden ticket. It didn't really matter if the candy tasted good, it was free and the more of it you got, the better!

Art Attack got to thinking about all the wonderfully, delicious Halloween candy we've favored over the years and, based on pure thought alone, we got a stomachache. Most of the Halloween candy we remember from the good old days is really just crap.

So, we dug to the bottom of our candy sacks and came up with a list of Halloween candy we wouldn't be caught dead eating today... because it would probably kill us since we are so old.

10. Bit-O-Honey

This candy is like taffy, but in one flavor - honey. You would think since 1924, when the candy was created, they would have come up with a host of different flavors, but no, just the one... honey. 9. Bottle Caps

Bottle Caps were like the poor man's Sweet Tarts. For one, they came two to a mini-pack, leaving you very unsatisfied, but would you want more of these anyway? They had a dusty aftertaste and came in flavors such as root beer and cola. Who wants a cola-flavored candy?

8. Candy Bracelet

As a child, this Halloween delight must have seemed like heaven on Earth. Not only were you getting a good dosage of sugar, but in an attractive and fashionable trinket. Think again! Remember eating the candy gems directly from your own wrist? Your arm was covered in nasty, purple saliva that dripped down into your sleeve, leaving you gross and sticky with a half-eaten, no longer pretty, bracelet.

7. Gobstoppers

Photo by chelsea(:.

Gobstoppers' whole gimmick was that they were everlasting. False! If you were patient enough to suck the 'stopper down to its core, you were left with nothing more than a flavorless piece of chalk. If you were impatient, as most of us are as kids, you wound up chomping down on what can be compared to as a very hard, round rock that probably broke more teeth than we can speculate.

6.Good and Plenty

OK, you were a kid and candy was candy no matter how you sliced it, but no one crossed their fingers for a box of G&Ps. Good & Plenty was eaten only in desperate times, such as mid-November, when all of your other candy was gone. It was bottom of the pillowcase candy and still is.

5. Nik-L-Nip

Please take a moment to reflect on this most adored of Halloween candies: It was wax in the shape of a bottle and after chewing the wax top off, you were rewarded with what can only be described as a "thick liquid." This is repulsive now and it probably always was.

4. Sugar Daddy

The Sugar Daddy was a large caramel sucker that only seemed to come out during the spooky season. Don't get us wrong, caramel is delicious, but this thing was massive and once you got it going, there was no end. You were just sucking on this stringy, caramel pop, unable to re-wrap and save it for later. Luckily, at some point, the Sugar Daddy met a lady friend and they spawned, the much more manageable, Sugar Babies.

3. Pop Rocks

Pop Rocks have always been more of a novelty candy than one to be enjoyed. They don't taste like much and they are slightly uncomfortable to eat. Our guess as to their popularity, is the Evel Knievel effect. At any given moment you could eat Pop Rocks, chug a Coke and explode, just like the kid who played Mikey in the "LIFE Cereal Commercials."

2. Nerds

You are tempted to fight us on this one. "No way," you are saying to yourself. "Nerds were and still remain a delicious and timeless candy." We beg to differ. In fact, we recently bought a box of Nerds for good old nostalgia's sake and were horrified to find out how bad they tasted. They literally made our gums bleed out in agony, begging us to stop the childish nonsense of eating a box of Nerds at our age.

1. Pixy Stix

As a kid, the Pixy was as close to a cracked-out binge as a child could achieve. We were duped! Pixy Stix were nothing but sugar! Colored sugar... in a straw wrapper. How did we fall for such an obvious ploy? Oh, pretty colored sugar, that's how.

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