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Defending Nicolas Cage

The above clip looks awful, and we thought that before we even read Pete Vonder Haar's blog on it. But it also made us sad to watch.

I'm a Nicolas Cage fan from way back, through thick and thin. The goofy voices in Valley Girl and Peggy Sue Got Married, eating cockroaches in Vampire's Kiss, all 94 minutes of Raising Arizona, plus Rumble Fish and that dopey grin. I even like the rom-com crap like Moonstruck, It Could Happen To You, and Trapped In Paradise.

We remember Cage and James Caan in Honeymoon In Vegas with Sarah Jessica Parker, back when she was still massively-attractive, and not the boner-killing shrew from Sex & The City. Is Kim Cattrall made of radioactive waste? That's the only thing I can chalk up to her turning into a cartoon Disney henchwoman.

What about the Cage in Red Rock West and Wild At Heart? That smoldering, weird leading man that you weren't quite sure how to pin down, but he was a joy to watch. Jesus Christ, he brought Guarding Tess a bit of that grit.

The Best Actor Oscar for Leaving Las Vegas was hard-won in a year that had him up against Sean Penn's death row vindication, Anthony Hopkins' Nixon, the dead Postman gent, and Mr. Holland's Richard Dreyfuss.

And then...

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